Volume 2 (2024)

Elemental Mapping and Shape Measurement by Integrating LIBS and Ultrasonic Technologies for Nuclear Fuel Debris Detection
Yuan Chen , Hideharu Takahashi, Hiroshige Kikura
2024 Volume 2 Pages 1-17

Experimental and Numerical Studies on Flow Characteristics of a Plane Jet Perturbed by Tabs at the Nozzle Exit
Takahiro Kiwata , Teramoto Hiroshi, Hayashida Koichi, Kono Takaaki
2024 Volume 2 Pages 18-36

Experimental Method for Measuring the Impact Force of a Rain Droplet on the Leading Edge of a Wind Turbine Blade
Fujisawa Nobuyuki , Yoshida Manabu, Yamagata Takayuki
2024 Volume 2 Pages 37-46

Ice Ablation Experiments in Hypersonic Flow
Suzuki Kojiro
2024 Volume 2 Pages 47-66

Volume 1 (2023)

A Review and Comparative Study of Uncertainty in Rain Erosion Testers for Wind Turbine Blades
Nobuyuki Fujisawa, Nicolai Frost-Jensen Johansen, Takayuki Yamagata, Kei Fujisawa, Motofumi Tanaka
2023 Volume 1 Pages 1-15.

Preliminary Study on Aerostatic Control of Spindles Using Gyroscopic Precession Compensation
Hisami Takeishi, Feng Xiao, Toshiharu Kagawa
2023 Volume 1 Pages 16-30.